Hack For Removal Of Google’s View Image Option

You might have noticed that, google has removed its view image option. This is an initiative by Google to lower down the online theft of pictures. This should also lower down the copyright violations of online images.

But due to the removal of this option, it has also raised difficulty to bloggers and other kinds of users. Though, there are already different plugins out there, which claim to bring back that option right at its place. But, if you’re reluctant to installing any external plugin. Or you on’t want to mess up with google practice, this article presents a clean way to get the url of those images, with 100% surety.

This method is completely lightweight, in terms of no installation of any third party plugin. This won’t as well notify google, that the particular user could be violating the view image practice. Let’s jump in to see how this could be done.

(This is a developer/programmers’ hack, so it might feel a bit lengthy, but surely a clean one.)

1- Search your image on Google.

2- Click on the image. It will take you to the respective url, wherever, it has been indexed from.

3- Now, on this page, if you find the same image, then great. You can right click onto the same and save the image.

4.1- If you can’t find the image on the page, press Ctrl+U or right click and choose View Page Source.

4.2- Find in the newly open tab, “og:image” text. If you find this text, the url in the content part of the image should be the required image.

4.3 If you don’t find that text, try another image from the related images in google search and go to step 2.

Now you can find the url of any image, not just images on Google, skipping any malfunctioning/third party plugin.

Hope this article was helpful. Please like/share. Have a good day!