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How to trick facebook for free promotions?

Disclaimer : Use it with full caution and at your own risk. This article is meant only for education purpose. This is not any hack but just a wild trick, to fool facebook and do free promotions.

free promotions

Facebook promotions are a great way to reach millions of users of chosen type. But that comes at some cost which varies depending on the users you are targeting. If you are thinking of targeting a lot of users, you must be willing to invest a lot of dollars into for the same.

You can easily setup your facebook account for free promotions.
I will briefly summarize the steps to create an ad promotion, if you know this, you can safely skip,

1 – create a facebook account.
2 – create a facebook page.
3 – click on promote page, or on any post for boost post.
4 – set up targeted audience, put in time interval for the promotion and money to be invested.
5 – add payment method, possibly your credit card details.
6 – click on boost, or promote.

Now, in some minutes, your ad will get approved, and promotions will be started.

Now, suppose you heavily want to promote your website, or post, and you don’t have a big pocket. You must be wondering, how does above save you from paying for your promotions. Well the trick is little off the track.

So, the facebook charges for your promotions at the end of the month. It sends you the monthly bill and deducts the same from your credit card(remember step 5). The trick is you get your credit card get blocked(call upon your bank operator and ask them to get your card blocked). Now since your credit card is not in service anymore, you will not be charged with that.

Are you insane? The facebook is gonna block me, destroy my page, and what else. That must be stupid.

I would say don’t get overhyped, yes there are risks of all that. And below is how to overcome them, or in short the steps to get free promotions without risking your identity.

1 – create a fake facebook account.
2 – create a fake facebook page.
3 – post a link of your website on your page.
4 – create a heavy promotion to boost that link.
5 – click on boost.
6 – get your credit card blocked before the end of the month.
7 – get a new credit card issued. (just like that)

Now, let facebook do whatever it wants with that facebook account or page, you need not worry about that.

You might worry for renewing your credit card though.

Happy free promotions. 🙂