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PWA Update : Progressive Web Apps In App List

Hello Everyone, this article is about the recent update in the development of Progressive Web App(PWA). The Progressive Web App is the recent introduction in technology towards web development. It helps a web app with its awesome ability of offline availability, web push notifications for re-engagement, and great user experience with native app feeling. The early development allowed you for a prompt for add to home screen and then you could visit the web app right from the home screen. One of the few features missing and was being worked upon was, availability of the progressive web apps in app list of mobile.

Earlier, after add to home screen, progressive web apps could only be found on the home screen of the device. But with the recent update, your pwa would also appear in the regular app list of the device. Even, after you successfully perform add to home screen, it asks for opening the progressive web app right away leaving the browser, just like a native app(after installation, prompts for opening the app). This is so amazing. Check out below.

1- Prompt for Add to Home Screen.
progressive web apps in app list

2- Installation of Progressive Web App.
progressive web apps in app list

3- Option for directly opening Progressive Web App after successful installation.
progressive web apps in app list

4- Splash screen of progressive web app, when opened.
progressive web apps in app list

5- Progressive Web App.
progressive web apps in app list

6- Progressive Web Apps in App List.
progressive web apps in app list


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