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Automatic AMP Converter Platform

Hello Everyone, in this article we will see how to use Automatic Amp Converter Platform and get your platform’s amp version in just few minutes. For those who need a little introduction, AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages which is google’s recent technology. These pages have lightening fast accessibility, so they open comparatively faster than a normal webpage even in low network. Since the speed is the bet, google prefers and has declared that they prioritize AMP search results over normal web pages. A lot of platform(ndtv, thehindu, buzzfeed, scoopwhoop, etc.) have already got their AMP and are doing great.

It is very important to get your AMP version, in order to increase organic traffic. A lot of other platforms(medium, techcrunch, etc.) have even started amp linking to their website. That means if a webpage reference is given on a platform and that webpage has an existing amp version, that link would open amp webpage. To get more insights for AMP, you can checkout this link.
AMP converter

In order to build AMP for your platform, you need to follow all new html tags specified by AMPPROJECT, and I would not say it is an easy task to do that. The other way out is to use Automatic AMP converter Platform and build AMP for your platform within a minute. Yes, that’s true. Sounds interesting!

Let’s jump then!

1- Go to Automatic AMP Converter Platform.
AMP converter

2- Do a free and easy registration. Click On Register above.
AMP converter

3- Following from above, complete your registration.
AMP converter

4- After successful registration, you will land to features page, choose Accelerated Mobile Pages tab.
AMP converter

5- Click On Use AMP Engine Now and follow the instruction.
AMP converter

6- Voila! Your platform has their AMP Now.

It takes about 2-3 days to get your first AMP indexed in google search. I suggest give it a week or so, and keep tracking in your google webmaster console for number of AMPs indexed by Google.

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