AMP Limitations And Advantages

Hello Everyone, in this article we will discuss about AMP Limitations And Advantages. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a recent google technology which makes access of a web page lightening fast. Google creates cache of the respective web page and delivers it at their end. In google search results, google prioritizes amp search results over normal web page results.

amp limitations

This could be the next big breakthrough in web development in order to get larger audience on lower prices. Though being a great technology, it is always good to go through checklist before making up your mind to adapt a technology. So ahead of this article, we will discuss about AMP Limitations and Advantages, and other tweaks as well to bypass the limitations.


1- In order to build AMP for a platform, it involves a whole new development style. It has its own html tags and needs to be implemented carefully. You can find more about specification here. I would not deny the fact, it is not so simple for beginners.

2- The first result is quite slow. Even if you have built AMP for a platform, you need to wait for about 48-72 hours for any results(error or success). Before that you can’t even say anything about whatever you have developed.
There are methods though, in order to verify your AMP development but the end result is only known after google successfully crawls AMPs.

3- No external javascripts are allowed. So, it does limit down javascript heavily dependent platforms.

4- Only one developer style element allowed. You do not have much window with css as well.

#limitation 1# In order to tackle with this, you can also use Automatic AMP Converter Platform. Using this, you don’t have to worry about any development phase and you can get your AMP platform within a minute.


1- Since these are cached content on Google’s server, they are very fast in terms of accessibility even in low network.

2- Since they are fast even in low network, they have larger audience(more traffic).

3- You don’t have to pay for server’s cost for the amp traffic, as these are hosted on Google’s servers.

4- They allow faster ads, so better cpm, more money.

5- Independent of your normal web page.

6- It is free of cost.

So, this was a quick discussion about AMP limitations and Advantages. Hope it helps!

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