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Automatic PWA Converter Platform

Hi Everyone, today I am going to show how you can convert your mobile version of your website, into progressive web app(pwa) with automatic pwa converter platform. I suppose you must have heard about progressive web apps by now. If not, this is guessed to be the next big thing in coming months. It’s already there in the news for more than a year and being accepted by almost all internet giants like flipkart(flipkart-lite), ola(ola-lite), twitter(twitter-lite), Naukri(naukri-lite), etc. There is a lot of buzz for this, and almost everyone wants this. Read Here, Read Here

Everyone wants this, doesn’t mean everybody gets it. Building of a progressive web app for your platform needs an adoption to the new technology, Service Workers. It’s a tricky but a great technology. This blog is not like a lot other internet stuff about taking care of things while building your first pwa or any other stuff like that. Rather, interestingly, I will show you here how you can convert your platform into a pwa right away. You don’t need to be a developer to do this. Sounds Interesting?

Let’s jump then!

1- Go to
It is an automatic pwa converter platform.
automatic pwa converter

2- Do a free quick registration. Follow above or go directly to
automatic pwa converter

3- Following from above, fill in your information,

automatic pwa converter

4- Following above, you will land inside to the features page.
automatic pwa converter

Now they have various features, like improve website, push notifications, etc. The different combinations of the same are also provided. The feature which we are looking for is Get Magical Mobile Lite.

5- Click on Get Magical Mobile Lite.
You will see some instructions. Follow the instructions and provide app name, app logo, etc.

automatic pwa converter

6- Following above, you will receive a script and a downloadable file. Put the script into your header file of your mobile website. Then place the downloadable file as mentioned so that it can be publicly accessed. For that, give proper permission, if needed.

automatic pwa converter

7- Bingo!

Now, that is one hell of a converter. Using this automatic pwa converter platform, you can also implement other features as well. I bet they are very interesting. Let me know in case of any trouble.

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I tried it on my WordPress website … followed all the steps …. super excited … opened it in my mobile device (Android 6.0.1) …. unfortunately no magic. Tried another Android phone … same result, no magic.

I put those two files in the site root and copy-paste the code inside the tag. And yet nothing happened. Never got any alert to add to the home screen and it took a lot of time to load as usual.

Any help is appreciated.

By the way, I chose “I want to use more than one feature” and then “Improve Your Website Speed. + Optimize Load On Your Servers. + Get Magical Mobile Lite. + Send Push Notifications.”



Hi Amit, Thank you for using the platform and I apologize that you didn’t encounter any magic. Our team has contacted you and I guess the case is resolved. and hope that it has already solved the problem.

As I understand it, you’ll not see Add to Homescreen immediately, unless you allow special flags in your Chrome browser.

Of the behaviour is still as reported on Google page than you’ll need to visit your site at least twice in 24 hours. Then you’ll get the offer with the button to add.

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