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Install Kibana In Simple Steps

Kibana is a great tool which provides power of dashboard to elasticsearch data. You can visualize and analyze your data using it. Installation of kibana is not that big deal until you get stuck. I got though. Here I present you the process to install kibana in simple steps.

Following process has been tested on Ubuntu 14.04.

1 – Download kibana of compatible version with your elasticsearch version from here.

Check the compatibility from below image.
install kibana

2 – Open terminal. Move in to a directory wherever you want to install kibana(/var/www here).
cd /var/www

3 – Extract the downloaded file, follow below command if downloaded file is the tar file.
tar -xvzf ~/Downloads/kibana-4.x.x -C ./ (downloaded file kibana-4.x.x is kept in Downloads folder)

4 – Move into the extracted kibana folder,
cd kibana-4.x.x

5 – Open the configuration file of kibana, which is kibana.yml.
sudo nano config/kibana.yml

6 – Now, modify it for your elasticsearch host, by default it is listening on the same host at port no. 9200. Make sure the elasticsearch host is already started.

7 – Now start kibana.
sudo bash bin/kibana (to run it in the background, put an `&` at the end, run sudo bash bin/kibana &)

8 – If everything went fine, you can check the kibana dashboard in your browser at http://localhost:5601
If something went wrong, the message for the same can be found at the terminal itself.
If in case it says port is already occupied, you need to kill the already running kibana process.
Find the process id (pid) by, ps aux | grep "kibana" and then kill that process, kill -9 respective_pid. Now try again to start kibana process using step 7.

That is all, for the steps to install kibana.

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